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hiCare Modules


Optimized Patient Engagement

Remote Patient Monitoring​

Efficient Communication​

Insightful Analytics &

Business Intelligence (BI)

Customized Surveys & Feedback Forms

Medication Adherence

Documentation Management

Care Circles


Customized and Tailored Dashboards

Voice Enablement with Alexa & Google Home

Enhanced Patient Education

Chronic Care Management​

Device Connectivity​

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Integration with EMRs/EHRs, Billing, Labs, Imaging & Payment Systems

Care Management

Custom Workflows

Electronic Documentation Management​

All Modalities (Web, Mobile, TV, Watch, Voice)

Our Value Proposition

  • All-encompassing digital healthcare solution

  • Most comprehensive feature set

  • Deployed in the cloud

  • No personnel needed to manage

  • Best value for the money

  • Lowest cost solution in the industry

  • No cost to get started 

  • Easy to bolt on to an existing EMR

  • Available on all modalities
    • Web Browsers

    • Mobile Phones and Tablets (iOS and Android)

    • Smart TVs (LG WebOS and Android)

    • Voice Integration with Alexa/Google

    • Smart Watches

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