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The relationship between patients, providers, payers, partners, and pharmaceuticals is evolving at the speed of light and cyberspace. hiCare 3.0 is innovating the way critical data is collected and shared among all of these key players in the healthcare industry. Our ultimate healthcare goals are to improve quality and expand access, while simultaneously reducing costs. The end result being: peace of mind for patients and all the good people involved in their care.


hiCare 3.0, collects and shares critical data between patients and providers, empowering them to self-monitor their health without concern for place or time. hiCare 3.0 enables providers to promptly follow-up with patients and care partners. Each individual patient's conditions can be reviewed, evaluated, and given timely interventions. This real time approach can avoid trips to a doctor's office, urgent care, or hospital. The health of the patient improves, and healthcare costs decrease.


Research continues to prove that remote patient monitoring technology reduces the frequency of visits to the office, emergency room, and even hospital admissions. hiCare 3.0 monitors patient behaviors, creates data-driving solutions, provides risk stratification, supplies real-time patient information, and allows for customized alert notifications. By its ability to simultaneously combine all sources of patient specific health information, hiCare 3.0 improves quality of care, increases productivity, reduces costs, and provides health interventions anywhere and anytime.

How is this possible? There is so much information, and it is all changing so fast! hiCare 3.0 uses a Module as a Service platform (MaaS) to deliver innovative healthcare solutions in digital building blocks. Each individual block (or module) can be sorted, combined, and integrated into a myriad of configurations, delivered cost effectively, securely, and in a highly scalable manner.


hiCare 3.0 is critical and comprehensive MaaS also assists payers by controlling costs. This is achieved by capturing essential biometric data, identifying high-risk patients, and monitoring their conditions. By focusing on proactive and faster reaction times to changes in disease status, improved patient education and feedback, and customized tools and resources to minimize risks for diverse patient populations, cost savings become reality.


Hifinite's mission is to provide Highly Optimized Patient Engagement (H.O.P.E.). Our platform optimizes engagement between patients, providers, and each healthcare partner. hiCare 3.0 connects all of todays and tomorrows device developers, manufacturers, and healthcare providers. This is all done confidentially and simultaneously in real-time for everything from appointments, to consultations, treatment modifications, and even for emergencies. This is what we like to call hiCare, bringing H.O.P.E. back to healthcare. 


How hiCare 3.0 is changing healthcare?

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