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hiCare Modules

Patient holding a crutch has bandage on his leg and head. He can avail Telehealth modules around him anytime across the U.S.
Patient surrounded by 5 caring hands shows care management via one of the best 2020 Telehealth solutions in California, U.S.
A patient and a physician engages with eachother via hiCare Suite, one of the top 10 patient engagement solutions in the U.S.

Optimized Patient Engagement

A mobile connects with the heart rate reading

Remote Patient Monitoring​ (RPM)

Popup of 2 chats via 24/7 hiCare Suite, one of the top 20 patient-provider communication solutions in California

Efficient Communication​

A line chart is placed above 4 vertical lines connect to a horizontal line

Insightful Analytics &

Business Intelligence (BI)

An exam pad with a list of bulleted points

Customized Surveys & Feedback Forms

Pill inside an alarm clock shows pill reminder via hiCare Comply, one of the best medication adherence apps in 2020

Medication Adherence

Management of a folder with many files

Documentation Management

A heart taken care by both hands

Care Circles

Signature in a paper using a pen


A screen with a graph and relevant points in addition to a meter in front

Customized & Tailored Dashboards

Voice Enablement with Alexa & Google Home via hiCare Suite, one of the top 20 telehealth softwares in California, U.S.

Voice Enablement with Alexa & Google Home

Physician with a stethoscope educates via online hiCare Suite, one of the top 10 patient education solutions in California

Enhanced Patient Education

Patient above the caring hand shows the delivery of assured care

Chronic Care Management​ (CCM)

Up arrow and low arrow symbols below the wifi signal

Device Connectivity​

A portion of brain connects to 3 lines ending with the small circles respectively

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Person looking at a clock to book an appointment via hiCare Suite, one of the top 10 appointment scheduling apps in the U.S.


A hospital report displayed in a computer screen

Integration with EMRs/EHRs, Billing, Labs, Imaging, & Payment Systems

Two hands manages to take care via hiCare Suite, one of the top 20 care management softwares in California, U.S.

Care Management

A group of three is management by one

Custom Workflows

A document shown in a laptop is managed electronically

Electronic Documentation Management​

TV, pendrive, mobile

All Modalities (Web, Mobile, TV, Watch, Voice)

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