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  • Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

  • HIPAA compliant and secure platform

  • Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled medical devices/sensors

  • Supported devices include blood pressure monitors, spirometers, blood glucometers, pulse oximeters, weight scales, thermometers, pill trackers, activity trackers, etc.

  • Health analytics and advanced reporting

  • Rules-based engine for better decision making

  • Artificial intelligence workflow engine

  • Integration with EHRs/EMRs, pharmacies, labs, insurances, billing systems, etc.

  • Available on web browsers, iOS and Android devices, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, smartwatches, smart TVs (Android TV, LG WebOS)

  • Modular and expandable software components

  • Private labeling available for partners and resellers (VARs)

hiCare is offered in four packages to address unique healthcare management and delivery problems





Disease Management


Medication Adherence 




Trial Management


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  • Manage chronic diseases - diabetes, CHF, hypertension, COPD, asthma, pain, AFib, etc.

  • Real-time remote patient monitoring

  • Caregivers and family member participation

  • Telehealth abilities for remote consultations

  • Customized care plans

  • Custom dashboards for clinicians, patients, and care managers

  • Post-hospitalization care

  • Electronic documentation

  • Customizable rules-based engine

  • Appointment self-scheduling

  • Medication adherence for patients

  • Alerts for missed drugs and vitals

  • Surveys and feedback modules

  • Patient engagement using email, phone, chat, text, in-app  messaging, and video

  • Targeted training and education for patients

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  • Integrated smart pillbox

  • Track medication adherence with alerts for medications and vitals

  • Custom medication scheduling

  • Caregivers, family member participation

  • Custom dashboards for clinicians, patients, caregivers, and care managers

  • On-call availability of pharmacists and nurses 

  • Customizable rules-based engine 

  • Telemedicine virtual doctor visits 

  • Real-time health monitoring

  • Appointment self-scheduling 

  • Surveys and feedback modules

  • Patient engagement using email, phone, chat, text, and in-app messaging

  • Targeted training and education for patients

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  • Easy signup process

  • Virtual consultation with a specialist

  • Ideal solution for medical, dental, and mental health specialists

  • Pharmacy integration

  • Custom workflows

  • Consolidated medical history

  • Back-office operations control in real-time

  • Tele-visit analytics

  • Payment distribution administration

  • Custom dashboards for clinicians, patients, customer support, and translators

  • Electronic documentation

  • Custom rules-based engine

  • Surveys and feedback modules

  • Engagement using email, phone, chat, text and in-app messaging

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  • Easy patient enrollment

  • Patient engagement platform

  • eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) 

  • ePRO (Electronic Patient Reported Outcome) 
  • Electronic Data Collection (EDC) with remote patient monitoring 

  • Digital document signage

  • Workflow-based document administration

  • Patient and visit management

  • Medication adherence with smart pillbox 

  • Enables enterprise-wide visibility and oversight 

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