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Hifinite Introduces A One-Of-A-Kind Fully Streamlined Medication Adherence Solution

Hifinite's hiCare Comply Medication Adherence Solution is a home care delivery system for patients to increase medication adherence and consult with providers.

Low medication adherence rates cost the United States over 350 billion dollars per year. Hifinite Inc., a full-stack digital telehealth solution provider, introduces its cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, hiCare Comply Medication Adherence Solution. Built with payers in mind, hiCare Comply is the latest addition to the hiCare suite of products to solve the medication adherence problem. Prescribed medications consumed at the right time, in the recommended quantity, can potentially increase medication adherence rates and improve the health outcomes of chronically ill patients.

Let’s face it. We often forget to take medications and frequently overdose. Even though we are surrounded by technology, there isn’t an effective way to ensure we stay on our prescribed schedule. Missed or overdosed prescriptions are making chronic disease management a nightmare to deal with, resulting in hospitalizations that could otherwise be avoided. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, medications are not taken as prescribed about fifty percent of the time. Poor medication adherence costs the government hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Half of these costs can be attributed to treatment failures and result in approximately 125,000 deaths, and up to twenty-five percent of hospitalizations each year in the U.S.

hiCare Comply Medication Adherence Solution takes a full-stack approach to address low medication adherence, increased ER visits, hospital re-admissions, and expensive access to care. hiCare Comply streamlines the process of medication consumption and empowers patients to maintain a stress-free daily medication routine. The solution is delivered to a patient’s home either on a tablet or television. Integrated with an easy-to-use smart pillbox, hiCare Comply allows clinical staff to set a custom pill dosage, frequency, and reminder system that generates a weekly dose schedule. The smart pillbox uses dual sensor technology to sense when the device is opened and syncs the data with the connected hiCare Comply cloud software. It alerts family members, caregivers, or medical staff when patients break the medication regimen.

hiCare Comply fully engages with the users of the system via text, video, and in-app messaging. It allows patients to measure their vitals with Bluetooth enabled medical devices and virtually access their doctors using the embedded telemedicine module. The solution also enables providers to manage other routine tasks such as scheduling appointments, reviewing health records, prescribing lab tests, and collecting payments. Providers have custom dashboards on their tablets and computers to access patient information anytime. The mobile version of hiCare Comply is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Mohammed Memon, Chief Executive Officer at Hifinite Inc., said, “We are delivering technology where it truly matters. Home is where it all starts and by adding the human touch in medication therapy management, we deliver the most effective and efficient care delivery system. hiCare Comply offers a full-stack medication adherence solution. Delivered on a TV or tablet with a connected pillbox, and Bluetooth enabled medical devices, hiCare Comply allows you to engage your caregivers and family, with the back-end support of healthcare professionals. By engaging all the touchpoints in the healthcare ecosystem, we make the circle of care complete.”

About Hifinite Inc.

Hifinite Inc. is a full-stack telehealth solution provider that empowers providers to engage, consult, educate, and remotely monitor patients. Hifinite aims to make healthcare streamlined, accessible, affordable, engaging, effective, and efficient for everyone while saving time, money, and lives. Founded in 2017, Hifinite Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California. To learn more about how Hifinite transforms care delivery via telehealth, visit, and stay up to date with the latest developments.

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