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Chronic Care Management


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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

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Who We Are

Hifinite Health is a full-stack telehealth company providing solutions to manage chronic diseases, increase medication adherence, offer on-demand telemedicine services, and manage clinical trials.

Our full-stack solution has all the essential components of telemedicine packaged into one.​

Our solutions make it easy for providers to utilize the latest reimbursement codes available for managing patients and grow revenue. Patients benefit because of provider engagement as a result, and payers lower costs because of improved health outcomes.

Problems We Address

Low CMS Reimbursement

Code Utilization

Lack of Patient

Engagement & Education

Lack of Chronic Care Management Tools

Costly, Time-Consuming Provider Access

High Patient

Readmission Rates

Expensive Clinical

Trial Management

Low Medication


Inefficient & Ineffective Technology Use

Solutions We Offer

Hifinite's full-stack telehealth solution is built from well-crafted modules to address nagging healthcare problems. Our applications are developed to target specific areas using simplified but effective approaches.

Our client-centric and user-friendly solution is available on all platforms.

Lungs with a heart and tick sign shows CCM via hiCare Chronic


Care Management

A mobile with the heart rate shows RPM via hiCare Connect


Remote Patient Monitoring

A medicine bottle with two capsules show pill reminder via hiCare Comply


 Medication Adherence

Live video chat of a person via hiCare Consult Telemedicine



Clinical report shows data via hiCare Clinic


Trial Management

Customers We Serve

We are revolutionizing healthcare by connecting the 4Ps of care - patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceuticals - in an integrated ecosystem.

A smiling brown-haired female physician with a stethescope


  • Capture new CCM, RPM, and Telemedicine reimbursement code benefits

  • Grow overall revenue

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Offer continuum of care

A big-eyed female researcher showing syringe & medicines


  • Capture and manage clinical outcome data

  • Improve patient retention

  • Easier patient participation

  • Improve medication adherence

A black-haired female professional showing dollars & Medicare report


  • Lower care costs

  • Mitigate risks

  • Improve payer quality scores

  • More accountability from providers

A smiling male patient with a white bandage in his head


  • Avoid unnecessary ER visits

  • Reduce hospital stays

  • Better access to care

  • Improve health outcomes

Our Value Proposition
  • Full-stack telehealth solution

  • No minimum patient requirements

  • Zero initiation costs

  • Most comprehensive feature set

  • No long term contracts

  • Deployed in the cloud

  • No on-site administrators needed to manage

  • Can work without an EMR

  • Easy to bolt on to an existing EMR

  • Available on all modalities
    • Web browsers

    • Mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android)

    • Smart TVs (LG WebOS and Android)

    • Voice integration with Alexa/Google

    • Smartwatches

Insurance Healthcare Executive, MN

With ground-breaking telehealth and medication adherence solutions, Hifinite Health team is always leveraging its innovative hiCare technology to transform the way healthcare services are delivered.

Health IT CEO, TX

Hifinite’s hiCare solution is outstanding. The Hifinite Health team was very attentive. They have customized and integrated a solution that helped us to expand our telehealth program and deliver care in a more efficient manner to our patients.

Hospital Telehealth Manager, AZ

Hifinite’s hiCare remote patient monitoring platform provided us with an effective system to provide care to anyone, wherever they are. hiCare has helped us to be more productive and profitable to reduce readmissions by 63% this year.

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Get our reliable, scalable, and fully managed healthcare suite, and you'll not have to worry about another integration. We are constantly innovating and adding new features into the hiCare suite.

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