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Hifinite showcased its hiCare suite of digital healthcare products at ATA 2019

The hiCare suite of innovative products for chronic disease management, medication adherence, and telemedicine was exhibited at ATA

SAN DIEGO, April 17, 2019 ( - Hifinite announced its newest release of hiCare products at the ATA Annual Conference and Expo 2019 in New Orleans, LA. Attendees got a glimpse of Hifinite’s innovative solutions for chronic disease management, medication adherence, and on-demand telemedicine services.

The hiCare suite is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare platform available to access on web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices, Google and Amazon digital assistants, smart TVs, and smartwatches. hiCare has connectivity to a multitude of medical sensors, integrations with multiple EHRs/EMRs, pharmacies, labs, insurance, and billing systems. It also includes sophisticated health analytics with a rules-based workflow and reporting engine. Medical sensor connectivity includes BP monitors, spirometers, glucometers, pulse oximeters, weight scales, thermometers, pill dispenser, and activity trackers. Hifinite empowers partners with private labeling and allows for delivery in a Module as a Service (MaaS) model to optimally utilize the services and pay for what is used. Hifinite’s solutions provide the best value for the lowest cost in the industry.

hiCare Chronic Disease Management allows providers to manage chronic diseases for patients. It also allows friends and family members to actively participate in managing the patient’s health. Features include real-time remote patient monitoring coupled with caregiver participation, care plans, custom dashboards for all parties involved, and tele-consult abilities. Insightful analytics and streamlined workflows make user engagement optimum. Post-hospitalization care modules help keep the hospital readmission rates low for chronic patients.

hiCare Comply, a medication adherence platform, helps improve medication adherence, resulting in improved health outcomes and significant cost savings for payers. The solution is offered with an integrated smart pillbox, real-time monitoring and tracking, custom medication scheduling, along with back-end technologies to facilitate pharmacists and nurses to be on-call, thereby assisting patients to improve outcomes and reduce costs for providers.

hiCare Consult allows providers to give telemedicine services to their patients at will, thereby facilitating convenience and improving outcomes. The features include an easy activation process, access to specialists, pharmacy integration, custom workflows, medical history management, real-time tracking, and actionable analytics. Providers benefit from centralized operations and real-time back office management.

Hifinite’s Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Weisensee, said, “There is an opportunity for

providers to mitigate risk, reduce hospital readmission rates, reduce healthcare spending, improve care outcomes, and reduce costs. Implementing and streamlining new technologies helps all parties. In a traditional healthcare setting, almost all data and insights of a patient’s health are lost the moment the patient leaves the clinic or hospital.”

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